1. Can items in the Experiences be substituted? The Experiences are designed for guests to try a little bit of everything HNJ is known for. With that in mind, we cannot substitute anything in the Experiences. 


2. What are our different seasonings?

  • Louisiana: Our take on the more traditional Cajun Style Seafood. It is the lightest option and has many layers of subtle, yet sweet flavors.

  • Juicy Cajun: Thick, hearty sauce that lives up to its name. This seasoning marries our signature Cajun spices with the delectable, savory butter that everyone craves.

  • Garlic Butter: Secret Cajun seasonings combined with intense garlic and butter are the highlight of this sauce! It enlivens the taste buds of any garlic lover!

  • Lemon Pepper: This fresh, citrus, and zesty sauce works well to contrast the natural sweetness of our succulent seafood!

  • Hot N Juicy: Our famous signature seasoning! This sauce combines all of the unique and tasty flavors we are known for!


3. How spicy is our spice levels? We take our spices very seriously here at Hot N Juicy. Baby Spice is the lowest spice level you can get and it still has a kick to it! We recommend to get one spice level lower than you would normally order.

4. Can the seafood be made without spice? Here at Hot N Juicy we boil everything in our signature Cajun base. There is spices inside of the base already, therefore we cannot cook anything without spice.

Disclaimer: When ordering Butter or Butter w/ Fresh Garlic as a Seasoning option, the food is still cooked in our Cajun base.


5. Can additional sauce be added to the seafood boils? We sell extra seasoning on the side under our Teasers section. Each order of seasoning is 4 oz of sauce. 

6. Can multiple seafood items be combined into one bag? Aside from the Experiences, each type of seafood will be packaged in it's own bag.

7.How much seafood comes in a LB? Each order is weighed raw without any sauce or teasers. Exact quantity varies based on sizing and weight of the actual seafood. Please refer to chart below for an estimation on quantity per LB.

  • Yes Head Shrimp= 17 Average

  • No Head Shrimp= 19 Average

  • Crawfish= 15 Average

  • Snow Crab Legs= 4-7 legs

  • King Crab Legs= 1-2 legs

  • Clams= 15 Average

  • Green/Black Mussels= 15 Average

  • Dungeness Cluster= 2 clusters

8. Can special requests be made? Unfortunately we are not able to take any special requests for orders. Any special requests typed into the special request box on your order will not be honored.


9. Food Allergies: All of our boiled and fried items come into contact with allergens such as Pork, Eggs, Fish, Dairy, Shellfish, Soy, and Wheat. It is not recommended that you order if you have any food allergies or dietary restrictions.


10. Refund Policy:

  • Call us within 5 minutes of placing your order if it needs to be canceled. Any orders exceeding 5 minutes will NOT be refunded.

  • For any food issues, contact us immediately. No refunds will be offered if order has been entirely eaten.

Frequently Asked Questions